2 bike styles + portable battery packs in a two-wheeled EV.

eBike, eMoped or
Electric Motorcycle?

The District can be defined as an eMoto because its style, purpose and capabilities launch it into an entirely new class of its own. However you define it, The District is the most versatile two-wheeled EV anyone can ride just about anywhere.




Accessible seat height of 32” can be lowered to 30". Saddle 21.6”long with 2.75”of comfortable padding.


Optional DOT, CE and e-Mark certified 5.7” headlight projects an impressive 2,250 (low) to 3,240(high) lumens.


DOT, CE and E-Mark certified, 270 degree wrap around lighting, flashing turn signals upon braking.



Mode 1: Class 2 eBike (750W, 27 MPH Limit)
Mode 2: eMoped (37 MPH limit)
Mode 3: eMotorcycle (70 MPH limit)
Mode 4: Performance eMotorcycle (70 MPH limit)


The belt and chain rotate on the same Jackshaft to isolate suspension and torque forces. Zero squat, chain growth or maintenance.


Our proprietary, colted aluminum wheels are light and uniquely designed with oversized hubs for improved spinning & breaking.

  • Easy Battery Removal

    Open the compartment, detach the connectors, and lift. Now you can charge, swap or store.

  • Urban Assault EV

    Rule your city in a bike lane running errands or weaving through the streets just for fun.

The team can be proud of the design, work and philosophy behind the whole product. It’s amazing to say the least.


Through the bike you can feel the nuances of the LAND team ringing through like an awe inspiring concert. The welds, engineering, design, and all the other processes peaks into art, form and performance!


Our CORE batteries are ideal for LEV mobility. Compact, powerful, and lightweight. District battery packs of the future will be even more energy dense (extending range) and charge faster.




  • Ride Mode Selection

    Mode 1: eBike (27 MPH) (Class 2)
    Mode 2: eMoped (37 MPH)
    Mode 3: eMotorcycle (70 MPH)
    Mode 4: Performance (70+ MPH)

  • 72V CORE Battery Packs

    Range: 40 - 120 Miles

    Max kWh: 2.1 - 6.4 MkWh

    Nom kWh: 1.8 - 5.5 kWh

    Charge Time: 1.5 - 5.5 hrs

    Output: 17kW

    Weight: 27 - 72lbs

  • Worry-Free Power for Decades

    Nominal Power: 11.5kW
    Peak Power: 17kW
    Torque: 280Nm
    Horsepower: ~23

Featured Specs l // Capabilites

Batteries - Ranges - Weights


Nominal kWh eBike Range Motorcycle Range:

Bike Weight:

Charge Time:
2.1 MkWh 1.8 kWh 40 miles 25 miles ~180 lbs ~1.5hrs
4.2 MkWh  3.6 kWh 80 miles 50 miles ~210 lbs ~3hrs
6.4 MkWh 5.5 kWh 120 miles 80 miles ~230 lbs ~5.5hrs

LAND’s internal magnet radial flux (brushless) motor is two things: powerful and durable. We’ve stressed-tested the electric motor’s performance capacity well beyond the maximum production parameters.

Exactly what you want from a two-wheeled EV: worry-free adventures for decades to come.


Nominal Power  Peak Power     Torque  Horsepower
11.5kW     17kW      350Nm   ~23



Few, if any, drivetrain pivot systems are so beautifully simple. When the belt and chain rotate on the center axle it creates independence between the suspension and torque of the chain at acceleration. Zero squat, zero chain growth.
But the real story is in the minimal maintenance and ease of working on the bike. In fact, you can drop the jackshaft, remove the axle and everything else stays together. Boom! Simplicity. Change a belt, switch sprocket sizes and more with the greatest of ease.


- No gearbox
- Zero suspension squat under torque
- Minimal maintenance

More than a decade of honing motorcycle suspension allows us to tune handling characteristics for optimum riding squarely in the mid-ranges of rider weight and usage (on or off-road).

LAND also won Fox Factory Inc’s first ever light EV suspension partnership, officially bringing Fox into the electric motorcycle market for the first time with an adjustable EVOL air shock.


Fork Diameter 37mm (inner), 48mm (outer)
Fork Spring Cartridge dampening, coil spring
Fork Travel 120mm
Rear Shock Fox Racing Shox
Rear Shock Spring Air, High Volume EVOL Cartridge
Rear Shock Travel 4“ or ~100mm
Wheels and Tires

Our cast, then CNC-machined and coated aluminum wheels are uniquely designed with wheel cover mounting holes.


An oversized hub diameter accommodates for durable, maintenance-free sealed bearings and an enlarged surface area. This additional hub material also improves performance for the other spinning elements (rear sprocket and disc rotors). Choose from clear coat or black wheels.


Front and Rear Axles 15mm x 270mm
Front Wheel 17” x 1.85”
Rear Wheel 17” x 2.15”
DOT Cert. Street Tires Pirelli Angel Streets 17” x 80/90 front, 17” x  100/80 rear

Magura hydraulic brakes offer DOT safety and superior braking confidence. Then, leveraging decades of transportational design experience, we went to designing our own in-house brake rotor to match the benefits of our proprietary hubs. LAND’s proprietary rotor is engineered with air channels that also push loose debris away from the rotor’s braking surface.


Front Brake  Magura HSQ dual-piston, 24mm cylinder
Front Rotor LAND, 255mm
Rear Brake Magura HSQ single-piston, 24mm
Rear Rotor LAND, 220mm

Waterproof, Backlit LCD Screen

  • Standard motorcycle readings
  • Left Button: changes ride mode
  • Right Button: switch between Odometer/Trip
  • IP X7 dust/waterproof rating


Beaming Front Headlight

  • DOT, CE and E-mark certified
  • 5.7” diameter
  • 3 Settings: Running / Headlight / Brights
  • Aluminum heatsink dissipates heat
  • 50,000+ hour rating
  • IP67 dust/waterproof rating


Lumens (low beam) 2,250 
Lumens (high beam) 3,240
2 year manufacturer defect warranty.