Electric Throttle (Magura)
Electric Throttle (Magura)


Electric Throttle (Magura)


The stock District throttle is a 1/4 turn Domino.  This Magura is a 1/2 turn giving the rider more control off-road.

  • Magura® 5k Ohm Twist Throttle with Grip

  • Magura® 5k Ohm twist throttle with handlebar grip. Enclosed all-weather throttle design. 4-1/2" grip

  • Length. 70" long throttle cable with tinned wire ends.

  • Fits on 7/8” bars, including tapered 1”-7/8” bars.

  • Optional Throttle

  • Offers 1/2 turn opposed to our stock Domino 1/4 turn throttle.  


Brown - Potentiometer Wiper

Black - Resistor Low (Wiper Contacts This Lead at Zero Throttle Position)

Blue - Resistor High (Wiper Contacts This Lead at Full Throttle Position)