About LAND


Land was founded on the principal that energy Continuity and Mobility are essential to modern life.  LAND offers an E Moto ecosystem with a single, hot swap power platform (CORE).  

LAND’s hot swap platform (CORE) powers your devices from anywhere, allowing you untether from the grid.  The technology applied has to improve the user experience and improve efficiency.  


To live in the moment longer, with no need to tether ourselves to the grid.

To create a distributed power platform as a form of rebellion and self-reliance.


Energy is essential to modern life.  Mobility is essential to modern life.

The need for distributed power exists, as our work and play depends more and more on power continuity. 

The BATTERY PLATFORM (CORE) is the center of our universe, it is our distributed power bank, and provides the companies foundation.

The BATTERY PLATFORM (CORE) is smart, connected, works across all LAND products.  It also powers the users devices and provides a small scale, home backup system.  

The E-MOTO sits between a bicycle and a motorcycle.  Approachable for the non-rider, with attributes that attract current riders.

DESIGN DRIVEN, the product must fulfill a need, and/or improve upon what currently exists.  Our product must be visually compelling.   

We choose a MINIMALIST design language for our products as a reflection of our desire to simplify the product and the tech.


LAND is consumer driven, which has led us to focus on the LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) Market and Distributed Energy.  We are design forward, which simply means consumer focused product development.  


Our current technology is rider centric.  As our tech package grows, connectivity, monitoring and distributed energy will extend the focus.    

-Distributed Energy (CORE)

The batteries in the District (Core and Core +) are designed to be quickly and easily swapped in and out of the vehicle.  These batteries are designed to be charged on standard outlets.  

We look at the battery not as a single product, but as part of a larger ecosystem that moves seamlessly between all of our current and future products.  The packs right now power the vehicles, in the near future, our connectivity module will allow you to power all of your AC and DC accessories, on or off the vehicle.   

-The District 

We approach the E Moto from a unique perspective.  Scott and team having many years of global motorcycle manufacturing, distribution and logistics experience.  We understand how to build a solid motorbike.  With LAND, we are building on our experience and pushing the technology forward in a user centric fashion.  U.S. advanced manufacturing and technology is pushing our development forward.  We call it an E Moto because it can be a bicycle to some and a full blown motorcycle to others.  


With LAND and our first product the District, we are exploring new ideas and product direction.  The District uses CNC bent and laser cut DOM tubing.  It is hand welded in our factory in Cleveland, Ohio.  We gave it proper geometry, and a neutral rake and trail, which builds the riders confidence.  The bike is stable, yet nimble.  We are using new manufacturing processes such as laser cutting and CNC sheet bending to eliminate tooling and reduce our time to market.

-Sustainability Sucks

What a horrible term, we do not wish to sustain life on earth, we want life to flourish.  Designing a chassis that is agnostic to the technology is a step in the right direction.  When our tech gets old, you can simply swap in newer tech without scrapping the vehicle.  With electric, we have reduced hundreds of moving parts, to a single rotating stator, reducing the complexity and parts count radically.  We do not strive to sustain, we strive to thrive.

We are always open to suggestions and collaboration.  Please reach out directly at Hello@LAND.email